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Sometimes we don't want to make a big batch of cookies we just want enough cookies for one! 🍪 😍 Baking is one of my favourite mindfulness activities. It combines touch, sight, smell, and taste. There is something very satisfying about warm cookies straight out of the o...
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Have you ever had sex while thinking about your grocery list or what you’re cooking for dinner? If you have, you are not alone! Research indicates that the quality of our sex lives improves when we become more mindful.  Sometimes the most powerful thing we can offer o...
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Honouring your capacity

December 10, 2021
What we are capable of and what we have capacity for are two very different things! Society has taught us to create our schedule around our available time instead of our capacity. Just like time our capacity is a limited resource. Our capacity relates to how much emotional, ...
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How to cope with uncertainty

November 1, 2021
As humans we cling to what we know to keep us grounded. We use this information to guide our decisions and adapt. Covid-19 hasn't provided us with this luxury. We are faced with increasing case numbers, changing alert levels, and uncertainty about whether we will be spe...
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Rituals of connection

October 1, 2021
The world has changed and so have our lives. With Covid-19 we have been faced with uncertainty and our routines have been disrupted. We are spending more time in our own head and 'locked inside' with our loved ones.When the world doesn’t offer us structure a sense of routi...
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Unmet expectations can create relationship conflict. Likewise, our self-expectations can impact the way we see ourselves. As our bodies and lives change, we need to shift our mindset and allow more room for self-acceptance and self-compassion.This was evident to me when I wa...
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As the sexology saying goes “what happens inside the bedroom effects what happens outside of the bedroom and vice versa.” Sex is a powerful indicator of the health of your relationship and can often mirror patterns in your overall life. The more time and effort you inves...
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How do you define sex?

September 17, 2020
How do you define sex? This is a question that I love to ask at the beginning of my workshops. How we define sex has a huge influence on what our sex life looks like. Without taking the time to define what sex is in your relationship, society will create a default definition...
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Good sex is like a delicious cup of tea made just how you like it. I personally like my tea brewed for a long time and extra milky, other people, have other preferences. The key in any relationship is paying adequate time and attention to how their partner likes their tea, w...
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I'm here today to share with you our secrets, ones that Gran and I discovered along the way. How can we live a life like Gran, one of meaning and joy? How can we leave this life with no stone unturned, feeling loved and content? Gran's answer is simple, but the application o...
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