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Rituals of connection

The world has changed and so have our lives. With Covid-19 we have been faced with uncertainty and our routines have been disrupted. We are spending more time in our own head and 'locked inside' with our loved ones.

When the world doesn’t offer us structure a sense of routine can help us to stay grounded.

As humans we need a sense of purpose, meaning, and connection. Rituals of connection provide us with meaningful interactions with others and with a means to connect with ourselves. Rituals of connection are things that we do repetitively and with intention. The key is to keep rituals of connection simple, realistic, and experience based. 

Here are two ways that you can create rituals of connection:

1) By turning something mundane in your routine into something meaningful

Life is full of mundane tasks that we often do on autopilot. Rituals of connection don’t need to cost you more time or money but rather more mindfulness and intention.

My weekly routine now includes driving to a supermarket that is slightly further away (which is less crowed and more spacious), doing my grocery shopping mindfully, and then going to my favourite Cakery on the way home to order something tantalising and a coconut hot chocolate (if you haven't tried this combo, I highly recommend you do). Because I know that I’m about to go to my favourite Cakery I’m not tempted to fill my trolley with snacks, as I have something to look forward to. This helps to keep my food bill down and instead of feeling drained after my weekly supermarket shop, I feel energised, and even look forward to it! This ritual of connection provides me with a chance to check-in with myself while still being productive.

2) By adding something new to your routine

Since the beginning of the pandemic a lot of couples have been adding daily walks to their routine. It provides an opportunity to be in the moment, have a change of scenery, and be away from distractions. There is also the added advantage of talking side by side which is often easier and less confronting which can lead to meaningful conversations.

During your next walk here are some useful prompts to foster connection:

  • What’s something you’ve learnt?

  • What’s something you’ve been pondering?

  • What’s something you’ve been enjoying? 

My all time favourite ritual of connection is completing The Relationship Review with my husband. It's designed to help you and your partner reflect on your strengths, challenges, and areas for growth. It fosters healthy communication and is designed to help couples maintain healthy relationships. Check it out here


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