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How to cope with uncertainty

As humans we cling to what we know to keep us grounded. We use this information to guide our decisions and adapt. 

Covid-19 hasn't provided us with this luxury. We are faced with increasing case numbers, changing alert levels, and uncertainty about whether we will be spending Christmas with the people we love. Just to name a few.

When faced with uncertainty here are five things that can help:

1) Having a regular routine

A regular routine can help us stay grounded and have consistency. This can be as simple as starting each day with a cup of coffee, having a bath in the evening, or reading for fifteen minutes as part of your wind down routine. Start simple and then begin to integrate more meaningful and productive habits into your day. The main thing in the beginning to make your routine sustainable.

2) Accepting your current reality

The more resistance we have the harder it is to adapt and move forward. Accepting our situation, the good, the bad, and the ugly enables us to make the best of the situation and do what is necessary to move forward.

3) Challenge your thinking

In uncertain times we can start to focus on worst case scenarios. It can help to write these thoughts down and brainstorm counter arguments. It can also help to speak to someone you trust to gain a different perspective.

4) Adjusting your expectations

As your circumstances change it is important that you evaluate your expectations. What’s realistic changes over time. It is important to have self-compassion and know your limits. This may include extending a timeline or dialing something back.

5) Establishing small achievable goals

I am all for crossing things off a list! Achieving a goal enables us to move forward. It is a counter action to uncertainty. It’s about focusing on what is in your control and taking steps forward rather than remaining in limbo.

Uncertainty is a challenging to sit with. To make it easier to seek support in these uncertain times check out The Needs Cards. They are a communication tool to help you express your needs and emotions. With a children's version also available.


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