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Sex is like a delicious warm cup of tea!

Good sex is like a delicious cup of tea made just how you like it. I personally like my tea brewed for a long time and extra milky, other people, have other preferences. The key in any relationship is paying adequate time and attention to how their partner likes their tea, while being open that at any point this may change. One day I may decide that I like sugar in my tea, which will need to be communicated. 

The simple investment of learning how your partner likes their tea or if they like tea, can make the person on the receiving end feel loved, understood and valued. The more receptive each person is to learn how to make the tea just right, the more pleasure and enjoyment can be maximized. In turn they might want to enjoy a cup of tea more regularly.

There are some days that I do not particularly feel like a cup of tea and other days that I begin drinking a cup of tea and then change my mind. Both scenarios are a healthy part of life. There are other days that my partner may not be there to offer me a cup of tea or may not be in the mood to make a cup of tea. Therefore, it is essential that I learn the intricacies of how I like my own tea and not become dependent on my partner to have sole responsibility over meeting this need. 

Good sex does not have to always be spectacular to be great. It is unrealistic to always indulge in a margarita or Pina colada, while cocktails are extra delicious, they are not always conducive to our everyday life. Sometimes it is more realistic in our day to day life to enjoy a delicious cup of tea that is warm, comforting, and hits the spot.


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