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Honouring your capacity

What we are capable of and what we have capacity for are two very different things!

Society has taught us to create our schedule around our available time instead of our capacity. Just like time our capacity is a limited resource. Our capacity relates to how much emotional, mental, and physical energy we have. 

While it can be tempting to be a 'yes person' not all opportunities need to be capitalised on. Yes, even the exciting opportunities which could be ‘life changing’.

When we push ourselves beyond our limits this is when burnout sets in, and other areas of our life are impacted. It’s often our mental and physical health and our relationships that are impacted the most.

Here are four tips for honouring your capacity:

1) Seek support

2) Weigh up your options

3) Delegate tasks that feel too overwhelming

4) And as a general rule put your mental health first

Our capacity doesn’t grow by striving but by building stronger support networks, implementing boundaries, and through lifestyle changes that boost your energy.

Reach out and let people know where you’re at so you don’t have to be in this alone.

To help you to honour your capacity check out The Needs Cards. They are a communication tool to help you express your needs, emotions, and boundaries. With a children's version also available. 


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